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So I saw Frozen last night

and there is a blizzard today

This was the obvious thing to do.

Bringing this back because it is relevant today.

you just absolutely made my day!

not even a full day home yet and already I am ready to leave again cause my family is driving me up the wall

so much for christmas peace and spirit!

justjared The cast of Glee honors Jane Lynch at #TrevorLIVE with a song from their hearts #smile @jennaushkowitz @darrencriss @kevinmchale @imarksalling(on the guitar)

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oh aaaaaaaaaaand i have an ear infection. it hurts. i am in that kinda pain where it hurts to talk… and usually i talk a lot. ok pity party over

so the last four weeks have been pretty shitty to be honest.

my dad had to go to the hospital cause they found a tumor and that was a real shock to all of us. every part of the family deals with such news differently and that’s ok but when it comes to some ppl you just wanna kick them when they say stuff like - he should have gone sooner blablabla… you think? really? noo way. noone of my family would have thought of that. *eyeroll*

yesterday he was operated on again and now he is in intensive care. my mom told me everything looks good and the operation went well but still i am kinda afraid to go in there and see him. it’s hard to see ppl sick when they are usually the strong ones. so I guess I have to man up and be one of the strong ones now for my dad. 

i am going to defeat the huns … 

ever been in a situation where you can’t figure out if you want to know more what’s going on or prefer to not know all about it?

cause knowing more about it will make you realize how bad the situation really is..

it is called reading

it’s how people install new software into their brains

do NOT trust atoms, they make up everything!

been some really strange days…

and that’s saying something cause I know strange


there are over seven billion people in this world and not one of them is attracted to me explain that discovery channel

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so Darren got chosen in everything he was on the list???

impressive gleeks, impressive!