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Could you lovely people do me a little favor? I’m conducting a fandom census in light of allegations I’ve seen about the general age of our fandom. 

If you consider yourself a Klaine shipper and are age 20 or older please reblog this post. Thats all you gotta do! 
I don’t need to know your specific age, obviously, just if you’re more in the area of high school aged or not. :)
And of course please be honest! Thanks so much!

(The post for age 19 and lower can be found HERE)

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this is not even really about the spoilers of season six

this is more about how I dissappointed I am with Glee’s ideas and portrayal of Blaine

I understand that a character, who was not supposed to be in the show for more than a few episodes, was not fully developed and that every person for that fact has its flaws (yadda yadda we know how that goes).  I also get that the character will differ and fluctuate over time  from the first appearance on. which would be the idea of developing, maybe even evolving (jup that’s a pretty big jump for Glee i know, but I still had my hopes…)

But what I really don’t understand is, how they got from Blaine being a strong minded, confident and out and proud boy/man (as somebody not only homosexuals could look up to) to a Blaine who doesn’t even know how to tie his bow tie without anybody’s help.

Yes of course even the strong ones have “weak” layers, fact of nature, everybody breaks down, doubts, makes mistakes, needs a helping hand etc pp …

I just can’t get into my head how Blaine, the Blaine who changed schools, the Blaine who took on the more difficult way in public school than to the secure Dalton Academy, the Blaine who had a talk about sex with Kurt’s Dad, became the Blaine of season five and - as it looks like - six. (I won’t even go into the cheating thing, cause i can’t even get around to that one.)

My point is, I would have been more than ok with Blaine not being the confident, mentor, havingitalltogehter Blaine he let other ppl see. A Blaine with doubts, fears, problems in the family. A Blaine who fucks up, who fucks up royally… no problem with that. (come on my favorite character as a kid was wile e coyote… I love a underdog and stupid character).

BUT I am so not okay with him being portrayed as a unsure, insecure and love seaking boy who would do anything to just get to touch Kurt’s dirty laundry, cause that’s what it feels like it most of the time to me now.

Where the fuck did the Blaine go I fell in love with in the second season?  He didn’t grow up, he didn’t evolve…

Yes let him doubt, let him be insecure,  but DON’T make him a lapdog for Kurt just to show how strong Kurt has become and what Kurt had to get over. Let him stand up for himself and fight and scream and cry but don’t make him a prop, don’t make him appear helpless without Kurt.

let him stumble and fall and fuck up but THEN show how he gets through that and for fucks sake show how he gets through them without Kurt or any other boyfriend. cause that’s what I think Blaine would do. At least the Blaine in my head. I love a flawed character, a goofy one, but this one… I am not sure I can get behind that anymore which makes me really utterly sad.

everybody depends on something or some ppl and that will help them get through stuf but this shit just feels like Blaine wouldn’t even work as a single person. a person without a partner.

And that’s what’s really making me angry too.

The Blaine in my head would be hurt in season four and fuck up (maybe even cheat - no not really) but he would find his way back up and try to right the things, but he wouldn’t take every shit he’s got thrown in his way. And he would be able to do it himself or with friends, but he would not be that co-dependend… He would be heart broken over stuff but would find a way to go on without losing himself in another person

and that’s probably what’s my biggest problem, they made him lose himself in other ppl. I prefer a fighting, screaming, crying Blaine, a Blaine who is wrong and has to come to terms with things, over a Blaine who would probably not even be in new york without his boyfriend. cause that is not who Blaine is, oh yeah sorry, my bad… that is not who Blaine WAS!!!


Kermit the Frog

sorry ppl but this has to be the best ALS challenge!

i know ppl are so getting fed up with the ALS ice bucket thing,… but but but…

Hal Sparks nominated GALE HAROLD!!!

Zachary Levi's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

so Zach Levi did it (yes i hoped he would!)…  and he did it in a great way, explaining what the challenge was about and not by only mentioning ALS but trying to clear up what the disease is about…

my aunt suffered from ALS and although I’ve read so many negative statements about this awareness challenge, (yes ppl could mention ALS in their videos) but all in all I am just glad, that they are getting money and ppl are having fun doing this (my aunt was was all for fun)


Well, tumblr appears to still exist, so I take it that neither Benedict Cumberbatch nor David Tennant have completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

And so we continue to wait.

hrhchriscolfer Grant thinks since he’s the Flash he can bully people now… #ALSicebucketchallenge @grantgust

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IMG 2443

So Grant Gustin took the challenge and it’s one of the most adorable ones I have seen so far

and to top it … he nominates Chris Coler and Kevin McHale! thank you Grant, thank you


Robert Downey Jr. completes ALS’s ice bucket challenge 

…and proceeds to nominate Chris Hemsworth. 

ALS - The Ice Bucket Challenge...

the look on their faces… priceless